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Water Conservation

Using water more efficiently in buildings and in the products we buy; tackling local flooding and watercourse pollution

Habitat Conservation and Restoration

Protecting and restoring existing biodiversity and natural habitats through appropriate land use and integration into the built environment

Sustainable Transportation

Encouraging low carbon modes of transport to reduce emissions, reducing the need to travel

Zero Waste

Reducing waste, reusing where possible, and ultimately sending zero waste to landfills

Sustainable Materials

Using sustainable and healthy products, such as those with low embodied energy, sourced locally, made from renewable or waste resources

Zero Carbon

Making buildings more energy efficient and delivering all energy with renewable technologies

Community + Cultural Sustainability

Identifying cultural wealth and social justice to help sustain communities and our environment

Local Economic Impact

Developing equitable green industry job growth through project program initiatives

Health + Well-Being

Living in a safe environment filled with natural products and materials for our families and children

Sustainable Food

Designing with communities in mind by creating access to grow locally and provide food to local markets

Sustainability Masterplanning

We analyze the relationships between multiple layers of project components to determine where limited resources will have the greatest impact.

Green Building Services

We provide cost-benefit analysis and project finance studies to assist owners in setting project goals, including green certification.

Ecological Systems Design

We develop integrated water, landscape and building systems to create a high-performance infrastructure that minimizes cost.


We connect our clients to financial, community and site resources and provide strategic services and sustainability education along the way.

Women-Owned Small Business
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
FAR 19.001
Hudson Initiative
Security Clearance
New Orleans: 504.822.8995
Washington DC: 202.568.8092
San Francisco 415.813.6442

FutureProof is a nationally recognized interdisciplinary firm which provides full-service sustainability masterplanning, green infrastructure design and development, integrated water management landscapes, LEED and technical consulting for projects and initiatives intent on achieving aggressive and impactful sustainability goals.

Living Building Challenge

Living Building Challenge defines the most advanced measure of sustainability in the built environment.

Enterprise Green Communities

Green Communities is a green building certification tool specifically for affordable housing developments.

One Planet Living

One Planet Living is a global initiative based on 10 principles of sustainability developed by BioRegional and WWF.


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February 2, 2016Prisca Weems named the City’s first ever Stormwater Manager

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